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American Flag Made with Lattice

Large pieces of art can be expensive. Why not make your own. For this project I decided to show my love of America.

~Lattice Strips ~

I got two bundles.

I first painted the lattice strips brown. Then I painted on the stripes red and a creamy white. I painted the navy blue square and then attached the lattice strips with wood on the back.  I used a nail gun and wood glue.

Now for the fun part. I used a wood star as a stamp. I just dipped it into the paint and pressed it onto the board. I touched up with a paintbrush. 

*Use stencils, stamps, or just freehand to make your stars.

If I had more wood stars I would have glued them onto the frame. I only had a few so I painted the stars on instead.

Drill two holes on each top corner and add picture frame wire to hang.

God Bless America!

Tip: Instead of painting a flag 
 You could make beautiful modern art. 

I hope I've inspired you to make your own lattice style art. 


Love it! But what kind of paint did you use to get the antique/vintage look? Love how the brown still shows through! Any advice about how to achieve your great painting technique? Many thanks for your advice!!!

 My reply:
I first tried aging the wood with a vinegar solution. It was not dark enough so I painted the lattice boards with tudor brown paint. I painted the flag colors by thinning the paints with water.

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