Sunroom Lighting

Sunroom ceiling see's the light!

 I got a great deal from
$230 and free shipping.

Measure out the center of the room and start a hole.

Cut the hole to fit the new electrical box.

You can use a hole saw to make it go faster.

It's now ready to install the electrical box.

Make sure you have someone to give you a hand!

Meet *Thing!

Install the electrical box.

Good thing ..... *Thing is a licensed electrician. The three wires you need are hot, neutral, and ground.

Install the mounting bracket for the light. 

Connect the wires and screw the light to the bracket.

 It's ready for bulbs.


 Let there be light.


Anonymous said...

I love this light,, beautiful,,

Toyin O. said...

Everything looks great, very nice pictures, thanks for sharing.


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