What do you do when your chandelier doesn't match your decor?

You gold leaf it!

 Paint the ceiling blue. Put up a HUGE ceiling medallion and make a chain cover.          

That's what you do.  :-)

You make your husband pose for a picture.

You spray paint on a windy fall day...... Just kidding!

You gold leaf all the parts.

You make sure to paint the undercoat red.

You do your best to get the kids to stop blowing the gold leaf all over the house.

You take a break and take them outside to play.

A long hike is just what they needed.

In the end it all works out.

I glued the black beading on the simple black shades to finish the look.

I love how my 'old' - now ~ 'new chandelier' ~ looks.
Don't you?

I have since painted the room a latte color.


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