Margarita Gerbera Daisy

I was at the home improvement center and spotted this beautiful daisy. Of course it made it's way into my cart. 

I've also been trying out my new sewing machine. Let's just say I do not have a talent for sewing. By hand YES machine 'no'. It's one of the hardest things to learn. Well in my eyes. 
I'm going to keep at it so you will all be proud of me.

Thanks again for your sweet notes.
I hope to someday sew as well as you.

Well I can DREAM..........
Much love,


Crystal said...

I love the color of this gerbera daisy. I can see why it edged its way into your cart. A similar thing happened to me...while I was shopping, my husband looked up and that little multi colored gerbera had jumped right in the cart. Geez they are sneaky little devils.

Yvonne@StyleBurb said...

I'm so crazy about pink flowers! My kids won't leave daisies alone- they keep picking off their petals! Keep trying with the sewing machine- I know how creative you are, so I'm sure you'll have something fabulous to show us in the near future!!

Anonymous said...

Dee that is such a pretty daisy. Daises have always been one of my favorite flowers. The girls in my wedding party all carried yellow daisies.

Keep trying to sew with your new machine. It will come to you. When I started I knew nothing at all. I always had to ask others what things meant and how to do it. After time it comes to you and then you will be thrilled you can sew. It comes in so handy for so many things. And with your talent you will be so happy you can sew by machine. rj

Marianne said...

One of my most favorite flowers! As for sewing,,,,I have faith in you. Just start by sewing two pieces of fabric together, work on making straight lines. Trust me, you will get it. I had to rip apart many things when I first started. It's a big learning process. But once you get it and finish a project you will be so proud of yourself!
Marianne :)

Mary said...

Dee, You will conquer that machine, I have faith in you. I agree, start with straight lines first, maybe a tablecloth? I know you will succeed. Mary


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