Jewelry Pins Also Used as Candle Pins

Take your earrings, pins and bracelets and turn them into a decorative detail for items in your home!
I'd like to show you today that jewelry, let's say old earrings, pins or barrettes can be used in other ways. With some simple changes you can dress up your pillows, candles or whatever you like. So here's how to do it....

Jewelry Pins Also Used as Candle Pins
Have you ever looked at hair barrettes and thought how they would make great looking jewelry pins.
I purchased the jewelry essentials with a 40 percent off coupon from Michaels Craft Store.
To get glamour 'BLING' .............. sometimes you need to use power tools.
This bad boy was used to grind down the metal backs on the hair barrettes. It's a Dremel rotary tool for grinding metal plastic and wood. You could also use a pair of larger wire cutters to clip off the old stuff on the back.
 I used 5 minute high strength epoxy by DEVCON. Just squeeze some out on a piece of old cardboard and mix for about 30 seconds. Now take a toothpick and apply some on the pin.
Barrettes turned into jewelry pins.
Here is one jewelry pin on my new pillow.
Three pins look twice as nice.
~ jewelry candle pin ~
 Change out your old jewelry and make them all pins. So that's my easy project of the day. I know you all have boxes of old stuff that is just waiting to become a new prize. Perfect for yourself or gifts of party favors.
Happy Crafting!
 If you my projects I would 'LOVE' your pins.
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