Woodworkers Transfer Tool Will Transfer Onto Fabric

~ French Pillows ~

*Update video tutorial

This will blow your mind. No more messy oils or trying to put your fabric in your printer using spray adhesive.  You can now make fast and easy projects with a woodworkers transfer tool. *Make Pillows, Tags, Cards, Memo Boards, Ribbons, Shirts, Clothes, Team Logos, Drapes, Gifts, etc! You can also use it on wood to make your own art.
Added bonus your fabric can be washed!
Hand washing is recommended. Please use cotton fabric!

   I'm taking a peek to see how the toner transferred.

Supplies: laser printer, printer paper, cotton fabric, wood cutting board and a woodworker's transfer tool.
Pick out a picture you would like to use say from The Graphics Fairy. Now print it out on printer paper using your laser printer. Take the picture that you have just printed off from your laser printer and put it face down on your fabric. Plug in your woodworkers transfer tool and let it heat up. Using a circular motion press the woodworkers transfer tool onto the paper firmly. You can pull up a corner of the paper to see how you like the image so far. If you want the picture to be even darker go over it again. The nice thing about this project is once you place the woodworker's transfer tool onto the paper it will adhere to the fabric. Let's say your working on a large project you can finish it the next day. The paper will stay where you placed it on the fabric. It's ready when your ready!!! Another bonus is it will not smear.
My husband's wanted to see how easy it was to transfer the toner to the paper. He was amazed!
The woodworker's transfer tool works so good you won't believe your eyes!

(The paper is on the left and the fabric transfer is on the right)

For this project I decided to make pillows. 

You can print out your picture in color or black and white. Just make sure your using cotton fabric. 

You can do this project on colored fabric too.

The woodworker's transfer tool is so easy to use.

Here I added burlap and I also used black coffee to give the light fabric an aged look.

*You need to make the picture a mirror image for letters
and numbers. Like this.

Now flip the printed image over on your fabric facing down. 
 In a circular motion press the woodworkers transfer tool onto the paper firmly. Your image will appear. It's that easy!!!! It also becomes permanent! I recommend using a wood cutting board to work on.

Here's a finished pillow.

I enjoyed finding pictures from The Graphics Fairy

I love how the pillows turned out.

Don't forget to make a mirror image of your picture for letters and numbers.


 I've also made an art canvas with a real picture using the woodworker's transfer too. 

I hope you enjoy using the woodworker's transfer tool as much as I do! 
If you would like to get the woodworker's transfer tool you can find it on my sidebar.

(Don't forget to watch the video above!)

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