Woodworker's Transfer Tool on Wood

It’s so easy to transfer to wood using a 

woodworker’s transfer tool. It’s not only fun to 

do but it can be addictive. 

    (Colonial maple stain)
 (Dark walnut stain)
How to transfer to wood:
You will need a woodworker's transfer tool 
(you can find it on my sidebar)
Paper for your printer - No special kind is needed.
Must use a laser printer - The woodworker's transfer tool melts the toner off the paper and onto the wood.
Sandpaper to smooth out the wood - A light sanding makes the transfer go on fast and easy! (320 extra fine sandpaper) *Just make sure to wipe down the wood after.
Wood for transfer - Wood from the craft store or hardware store.
Wood stain - Or just a sealer would be fine.
Plug in your woodworker's transfer tool and let it heat up for a few minutes. It gets very hot so be careful. Now place your printed picture facing down on the wood. Using pressure go over the image with your woodworkers transfer tool. Go back and forth on the paper with the tool making sure you have transferred the image.  Start slowly peeling up an edge to see how it's transferring. It does not take long for your picture to appear.
This is how the transfer looks on the wood before staining. I transferred the word 'PARIS' darker to stand out.
* Don't forget to mirror image your picture if it has words or numbers on it.
After the transfer I used a dark walnut stain. I liked it but decided to stain it again with colonial maple.

(Dark walnut stain)
(Colonial maple stain)
Happy Crafting!
 (Think of all the possibilities)
Make decorative cutting boards, lazy susans, plaques, art for your home, planters, a welcome sign for your front door, party signs, herb garden sticks, Mother's Day poems, bible verses, etc.
The woodworker's transfer tool is on my sidebar.
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