Feather Your Nest - Bird's Nest - Tutorial

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 The quail eggs and the feather help dress up the nest.

I used natural sphagnum moss to make the birds' nest.
Here I started to add twine to the nest. 
The finished nest in all its glory!
2 sheets of wax paper, natural sphagnum moss, twine, raffia, twigs, miniature pine cones, thin piece of wood for the bottom of the nest, Elmer's glue and a little bit of water to hold it all together.
Lay down a sheet of wax paper and a few handfuls of the natural sphagnum moss. Pour Elmer's glue and a little water on the moss. Now mix it with your hands. It will form into a ball. Start by pulling at the sides keeping it round. Take your clean sheet of wax paper and finish making the nest on it.  Start pressing into the center of the moss to make the birds nest. Now let it dry for a few days on the wax paper. 
When dry add more natural sphagnum moss with Elmer's glue. Be creative and include, raffia, twigs, and pine cones. To get the wispy look I used twine. Pull the twine apart and add it to the inside and the outside of your nest. I glued a small thin piece of wood under the birds nest. It's small enough not to be seen.  
*The large piece of wood is just to move it around for pictures.
*You can also make mini birds nest just by using twine.  Pull out all the threads and shape into a nest. EASY!
Happy Crafting!
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