How to Make Burlap Drapes For Under $15

Here I give a step by step guide on how to make your own burlap drapes. 

Typically, the curtains or drapes will start and end approximately 6 inches to the left and right of the window, but you can adjust that to your own taste and requirements.

Next, take careful measurements of the height and the width of the window. In my project, the window is 38 inches tall and 35 1/2 inches wide. 

But the space where I want my drapes to cover is much larger. The key here is to visualize the rectangular space that your drapes will be on the wall. That space is the important part to measure.

I want my drapes to be about 8 inches above the window, so I'm going to measure from that point to the floor. Since my window is 35 1/2 inches wide, I'm going to add 6 inches to each side, making the space about 48 inches wide. The height measurement starts at 8 inches above the window and go to the floor. That number in my project comes out to 97 inches. So the space that I want my drapes to cover is 48 inches wide and 97 inches tall.

Now we need to figure out how much burlap we need to buy. I plan to make 2 panels for each window.  My local Jo-Ann's always has coupons and a good selection of burlap. The one I picked comes 47 inches wide, which is perfect.

To figure out the length of each panel, I started with the 97 inch height and added 2 1/2 inches for the bottom seam, 1 inch on the top to finish the edge with a seam and another 3 inches on the top for the pocket that the rod will slide through. The total rounds up to 105 inches.

Now I knew the total length of each panel and that I had 2 panels per window and 2 windows to do. So the math was pretty easy. I just multiplied 105 inches time 4 to get 420 inches. I added 10 percent for some extra to wind up with 462 inches. I divided that by 36 inches (1 yard) and got to 12.8 yards or rounded up to 13 yards. Whatever extra I wind up with will go to other craft projects.

To assemble the drapes I first folded over 1 inch of burlap for the side seams and sewed that in place. On the top, I did another 1 inch seam.  On the bottom, I just folded the burlap over 2 1/2 inches and sewed that near the edge. Lastly, I made the pocket for the rod by folding the top over 3 inches and sewing that close to edge. just slide your new drapes on to the rods! With the sales and coupons the burlap was only about 2 dollars per yard or 26 bucks. I also bought 2 spools of matching thread for another 2 bucks. 
Total for full length drapes for 2 windows
 was 28 dollars...not bad.

 I bought the drapery rods from the Christmas Tree Shop.
I also got the matching curtain holdbacks.

As you can see I'm making my way around the room with updates.
 I still need to finish transforming the desk. I have some great ideas for it.

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