Flameless Candles

Laurie from Butterscotch Caramel did a wonderful post on flameless candles. Of course I had to try this terrific project.
For full details and wonderful pictures stop by Butterscotch Caramel.
You will be glad you did!!!

Here is my take on the FLAMELESS CANDLE DRESS UP.

You will need a flameless candle,

a laser printer and scotch tape.

 I used a popsicle stick to burnish the paper to the tape.

Dunk the image into a bowl of water for the magic to work.

Remove the image from the water after 5 minutes.  Now rub the paper off the tape with your fingers. I then cut around the image leaving the tape as a border.

Put the design on the candle. The tape is still tacky and will sticks to your candle.
I liked the first candle so much I did 2 more.

Thanks Laurie! 


Donnie said...

That really came out well.

Anonymous said...

Dee these candles are so lovely. Your talent never ceases to amaze me. You make the prettiest things one after the other. Love them. rj

Katy said...

Wow that's really neat! Thanks for sharing!


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