How I Updated my Kitchen Pantry - Decorating Tutorial

~ These are the after pictures. ~

Above the cabinet in my pantry I added all you see. I love working with a blank canvas!

  Here I added a candle to the French wine bottle. I dripped the wax on it to give it an aged look.

  Another View

~ New Chandelier ~

 I moved all the food to another pantry and put all my glassware here instead.

I added 6 glass knobs to the cabinet doors.

How I updated my kitchen pantry. 

Before pictures.

I had some wallpaper on hand.  I decided to use it above my pantry. After I put it up it was two bright and looked too much like wallpaper. I then painted over it using a glaze and lightly sanded over the top. I then framed it like a picture.

I  put up the wood rail about the pantry.

Inside the pantry I added more wallpaper.  I sealed it with a non-yellowing poly. This way I could wipe it down.

I painted the shelves and put the food back. I was still not happy with the way it looked on the outside.

I took off the doors that were made out of paneling - Ugly I know!!! Why someone would use paneling for doors I don't understand! I went to the lumber yard and found Masonite. They cut the sheets down to size for me. Masonite is difficult to cut.  I then primed and painting them. (Masonite must be primed correctly, there's a risk that acid or oils may leach in from the board, yellowing the painting.)

Here was the test fit. So much better already!!! They will never warp like paneling. Ya!

Can you tell I was doing the Happy Dance!!!!

I always have decorating on the brain. I painted the corbels and added them to the alcove. I did this on the other side of my kitchen. I was so happy to find 2 more.

Corbel LOVE! They can be used almost anywhere!

The French curtain is from Lowes.

The backyard used to look horrible. I used Gallery Glass to hide the ugly.  I swirled it on with my fingers and it looked better than the view from outside.

Now the view outside is beautiful!  
My husband and I transformed the backyard.... 

I took off  the Gallery Glass. :-)

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If you would like to see my backyard transformation 
~ It's that good! ~

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