Birds, Nest, and Eggs - Wood Tags - Tutorial

Tags look great on baskets.

Here I added a tag to a crown cloche.

The pictures tags are from:
Megan @ Lilac and Lavender

For this project I used my laser printer and thin plywood to make the tags. My husband was a sweetheart and cut the plywood for me. He also drilled a hole in the tags for the twine. I lightly sanded each tag.

You will want to make more than just one ... trust me.

I used Elmer's glue for this project. I put a thin layer of Elmer's glue on the wood tags and added the pictures. You can put a picture on both sides it you like. When they dried I used my round nose pliers to poke through the paper opening up the small hole for the twine. You can use anything that will fit through the hole.

Then I sealed the wood tags with varnish.

 I added the twine when the varnish dried.

The tags look great on cloches, crowns, wreaths, door knobs, pillows, baskets, lamps, candlesticks, cork boards, French bottle trees, and so much more.

~ Tag a lamp ~

~ on a pillow ~

~ Just have fun with them ~

Happy Tagging I mean Crafting!

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