French Rustic Chic

Chalk paint and faux barn wood stain....

look beautiful together!

Here are the recipes for the barn wood and chalk paint.

I first painted on the barn wood mixture.  Then I applied the chalk paint to the front of the wood box/drawer.

After it was dry I sanded the wood with a hand sander. Then I applied Butcher's Bowling Alley Wax clear paste.  

*I use Butcher's wax for my antiques, wood floors and painted furniture. 
I like that it does not yellow overtime.

           I added a French cabinet knob for some bling.

I stamped the front with a French rubber stamp.

The drawer is now holding supplies in my bathroom. 

 I think it looks cuter than a basket.

 I plan to give them out as gifts. They can be filled with so many different treasures.

Here is a pretty close-up picture of the glass knobs.

Rustic Chic!
If you love my projects I would LOVE your pins;)

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