Fabric Covered Window Cornice Boards

It's great to see my window cornice boards on
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I did a guest post on it at (My Repurposed Life) a few months ago.
It was time to post it on my own blog. 

My husband helped me build the window cornice boards for my son’s rustic bedroom.

The cornice box was constructed from 3/16 inch plywood. I used easy to handle 2 foot by 4 foot pieces from Lowe's. To give it strength, the frame was made with 1.5 inch by 1/2 inch rectangular wood molding. Each piece was 8 feet long and cut to length. After making the window measurements, I made a drawing showing all the parts and how they fit together. I used a finishing nail gun to assemble the box. If you want extra strength, the edges can be glued before nailing. If you don't have a nail gun, you could use furniture wood glue and clamp the pieces together. This will work, but it will take longer. Next I checked the box to make sure it fit up against the window. 
Once that was done, I used a staple gun to fasten batting around the box to give the fabric a nice look. Then I cut and stapled the final fabric onto the box with the same staple gun. I used fabric shower curtains!*Think outside the box when it comes to fabric. To hang the box, I attached two picture frame metal rings to each side with a short screw. Now I connected picture wire to both and twisted the ends tight. Finally I decided the best spot for the box and hammered in a heavy duty picture hook into my wall just above the window and hung the cornice board. 
*For an industrial look you could use sheet metal to cover the wood cornice boards instead of using fabric.

*It's a good idea to bring the fabric around to the backside of the cornice board. By doing this your window treatment will look professionally done.

This picture is before I redid the mirror and dresser.

I found the headboard, lamp and wagon wheel lighting at a consignment shop. They did not start out looking the way they do now. The iron headboard was black and had blue fabric. I painted it with different shades of brown and added the pleather - faux leather fabric. The lamp was gold and I spray painted it bronze and added a glass shade. The wagon wheel lighting I used rub and buff and added the four glass shades. The dresser and mirror got a total makeover with vinegar and steel wool solution. I also added wood around the mirror to beef it up. It used to be a plain full length mirror.
(After Picture)

If you notice, I put the cornice board a little above the window to make the window look taller.

I love how the cornice board now balances out the room. 

I'd like to turn the radiator into a window seat.

My son's loves his new room. 

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Anonymous said...

it looks wonderful and giving all the details is so kind, I bet you have a happ fella, his room looks great! I love the sign, do not feed the bears, we have so many bears around here right now.

Kristie said...

I think you did a fantastic job on the cornice board and I really like the fabric you selected. I think the radiator would look really cool turned into a window seat.

Your son is a very lucky to have you! :)

Rosemary@villabarnes said...

Nice job on the cornice, Dee. Great compliment to the room.

Anonymous said...

Hi! I had forgotten this kind of a window treament and now that you have reminded me I will be doing this with some plaid fabric. Yours looks very nice.

Gypsy Heart said...

Awesome!! I love, love that wagon wheel light fixture.


Brandi said...

I love the new cornice, Dee! You are so talented! Looks great in your son's room.


What a gorgeous boy's bedroom! It's rustic, but yet elegant, with such care for detail, like the terrific cornice you made. The prettiest room I have ever seen for a son, they're usually plain, with no pizzas, as your creation is. Your son is a lucky boy! Thank you for your wonderful and kind visit. Hugs,

Liz@ HomeandGardeningWithLiz said...

Very very nice! Great job on the cornice boards! I've always wanted to try those but never was brave enough!
Your son's room does look great!

ℳartina @ Northern Nesting said...

Great job Dee! That gave the window a finished look!

Unknown said...

Oh Dee! It looks absolutely fabulous! Your son is one lucky boy! :)

Lea said...

You have a gorgeous room! I love the lighting fixture, it's a very elegant addition. The window board is also a smart idea :)

nádya said...

After looking at all the pictures and all the excellent work you did I can see why does your son love his bedroom!!! All details are so well made, you and your husband are a great team!!! Excellent, Dee!!!

Cynthia said...

They turned out great and the fabric is beautiful. Great tutorial.


Anonymous said...

Great job, Dee! It really compliments and completes the room! Thanks for the wonderful tutorial!

Honey at 2805 said...

Nice job, Dee! I always appreciate the inspiration you share at Potpourri Friday!

Katherines Corner said...

absolutely love it and definitely worth the feature ( congrats) Thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things hop. Your participation helps make it a success.I'm sorry I am slow to visit this week as I am fighting a nasty head cold and my time on the computer has been limited.Wishing you a beautiful day .

Vanessa said...

Hi, Dee

This turned out great! Your son's room looks great.


Unknown said...

I love cornice boards, especially for a more masculine room! They finish off a room without being fussy.


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