Metal Memo Boards

2013 Is Off To A Great Start!
The kids are back at school and the list of projects have me all (excited) psyched!!!
Who doesn't love and need Memo Boards?
Metal is one of the biggest things in decorating right now, why not Metal Memo Boards? 
I knew they would be the perfect addition to my new (in progress) home office. Now I can have fun decorating and displaying each week's projects. Who knows it may even change the way I feel about doing housework or not :)

So, I was lucky to find some metal memo boards online cheap and a great size. The first thing I did was cut out brown packing paper to the same size of the boards. It makes it easy to experiment where to put them.

 For a good week the brown paper was taped up just like this. Nothing wrong with hanging the memo boards horizontal. Something was off I knew the memo boards needed some height. Vertical was the way to go to hang the memo boards after all.

I'm pleased I took my time in deciding where they should go. Less holes to fix!

Here I'm looking into the room from the foyer.

Also, if you want to make your own, you could just use a large old picture frame and mount a piece of metal from Home Depot or Lowes in the same place the glass would go. They also sell metal snips to cut it to the correct size. You could paint the metal or seal it with clear coat. Either way those small magnets from the craft store will hold all your important stuff perfectly.

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