Tudor Home 'Vestibule and Foyer'

Updating an 'English Tudor' home .........

I painted the wood doors to the closet and also the radiator cover. They were stained wood and it made my front entry very dark. I wanted to brighten it. I ending up stripped the doors down to the bare wood so I could paint them. They were coated in thick lacquer. I then primed and gave everything a fresh coat of linen white paint. Then I went crazy and stenciled the walls and around the library door.

Here you can see I collect porcelain Limoges boxes. Some of them are antiques. Every time my husband went to France he will buy them for me. I mostly collect the ones that have perfume bottles in the Limoges. They are my favorite and have jeweled rhinestone tops.

The sewing machine was my husband's grandmothers. My husband learned to sew as a little boy on that sewing machine. His grandparents had a shop in NYC. They made all the furnishings for The United Nations, cruise ships lines like the Queen Elizabeth. 

I love having the valet coat rack in my foyer. Living in the North East we have our share of coats and jackets. Do you not love my leopard scarf? Can you tell I'm from Jersey? You should see my coat. Okay maybe just a peek. The coat is full length and so warm. Yes ..... it's a fake .....that's what makes it fun!

Here I'm painting the inside and outside of the hall closet.

The light fixture will be replaced. Can you say ugly!

 Here I stripped in my backyard. :-) 

I think I went through 6 tubes of caulk before I painted the closet a bright white.

 I love how bright and clean the hall closet now looks. The painted doors are so much nicer.

The knobs are from Anthropologie. They are much prettier than the round wood knobs I had before.

Fresh and clean! Old homes need a lot of updating.

Here is a glimpse of the way the closet doors looked. The wood knobs were nothing special. I love the ones I bought from Anthropologie. The closet doors were different shades of brown and did not match my period front door. They seem to blend better now that their painted.

Here you can see the stenciling I did.

I stenciled the vestibule area with the large stencil. I used two different colors of paint. I then washed over it to age it with a mixture of glaze and linen white paint.

Here you can see I had not painted the radiator cover. I would love to replace the tile floor with either marble or granite. The light fixture has to go! Maybe I'll get my husband to hang it in the library.

A sneak peek of the library/office

Right now it's my husbands. I'm trying to talk him into moving his office to the basement. Don't you think it would be the perfect spot for me.   :-)

My 'Fisher Girl' prints. They are copies. I love the ornate frames!

The library/office door is thick and grand just like the front door.

Here is my front door.

The antique chair is from my great grandmother's home. The chair once sat at her piano. She loved to play the piano and would give free lessons to the children in her neighborhood. She also played the piano at Carnegie Hall. I also played the piano for many years just to be like her.

I collect Fisher Girl prints. They are like the Gibson Girls. I have them all over my home.

I love to have fresh flowers. The silk ones are nice for the times I don't have real ones.

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Reunion Committee said...

wow.. that all looks so amazing!!!! really...
and Im "from" Philly and I still love me some leopard lol

Ispirato Design said...

Wow, you have been busy! You are lucky to have such beautiful old doors...One of the many reasons to love old houses, right? One of the first things that I did when we moved in was paint the dark wood too. Your entry looks great :)

Donnie said...

we just finished painting baseboards and a beadboard ceiling and I don't want to pick up a paint brush again...lol....You did a beautiful job on your foyer but it looks like so much work.

Shabbyprimdelights said...

That stencilling is incredible..your one clever lady. And doesnt white paint make everything feel light and fresh.

Daniella said...

You are incredible! I can not believe you do these things!! AMAZING!!
I love to stencil, and paint words and such on my walls. Stenciling "went out" with the 80's, so they say!! I still love it. Yours looks like wallpaper! OH, and the painted words? Now you can get vinyl ones to stick on the wall, when I thought of it 7 years ago!! Why are people copying us>??????

I also collect Limoges boxes! I haven't heard of anyone else collecting them! Maybe because they are expensive, but so worth it!!!


Dee ⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️⚜️ said...


I go to most of the showhouses in Jersey. They are showing wallpaper and stenciling. Now it might not be popular in other states but here in Jersey more is always better. lol
I adore Limoges boxes. How cool to know another Jersey Girl who collects them.


Lauren @ My Wonderfully Made said...

You are SO lucky to have such a beautiful 'vintage' home! I adore homes that have all that character with shaped door ways and doors and little 'nooks'! It's beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

Dee your foyer is so pretty and welcoming. I love everything you have done. The stenciling is amazing! It adds so much style to your already lovely home. rj

Wendys Hat said...

Your stenciling looks great! Years ago in my first home I did this. I even did some outside. Beautiful entry!

Unknown said...

Every woman should have leopard in her closet. A pair of shoes, scarf, top, belt or in as your case, a coat! You go girl!!!!!!!
Adore that foyer SO much!!! The door is just the bomb (Ok, had to use that Mass retro word for ya, lol). Very inviting!!! You have a great style home there!!!


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