French Inspired Kitchen

My friend Kelly and I had a fantastic time decorating her kitchen. Kelly loves all things French. When Kelly bought her home it had the perfect kitchen. Well almost! It was missing many of the key elements for a French inspired room. The floor was terracotta and the walls were pink. The terracotta floor worked but she wanted it to look more elegant. The cabinets were mission style stained wood. 

The cabinets were painted and giving a stain wash (mixing wood stain and glaze) wiping it on and ragging some off. Large beautiful tiles were installed on the floor with black granite squares. Kelly almost chickened out using the granite squares. The installers came and she told them not to use them. They told her "you have them and we are going to use them. It's going to look beautiful." I told her the same thing on the phone. I'm so glad she listened.....Kelly likes things plain. She was afraid it would look too busy on the floor. 

~The Floor Turned Out Gorgeous!!! ~

The table and chairs are from Craigslist. Kelly painted them black and recovered them. The fabric on the chairs is (garden gate) from Calico Corners. It's outdoor fabric. Kelly added plastic over the fabric to keep the chairs looking nice. No she is not Italian. lol The base of the table is an urn. Kelly painted it black and added the glass top.

Kelly also added the molding above the cabinets. It's not as easy as it looks to cut molding. We giggled like school girls trying to make it fit.

The concrete bench is from a garden center.  Kelly just painted it black and added the cushion.

Almost all the items you see are from Marshalls, T.J.Maxx, Joann Fabric and Craft, Calico Corners and Christmas Tree Shops.

It was a ton of shopping but we loved every minute of it.

The walls are painted with Benjamin Moore (elephant tusk) just like my bedroom here. She loved the color and we knew it was the perfect look for her kitchen.

Kelly made the burlap lined curtains. The trim we found at Joann Fabric and Craft. I love how beefy the top trim works so well with the bottom black fringe.

Here is the kitchen before Kelly redid it.

Kelly took off the entire wall of tile behind the table and sheetrock it. She painted all the trim white. 

Kelly added the silhouette window shades instead of using the cafe style curtains.

We were almost there! The cabinets had to be painted and the floor redone. What a wonderful difference already!

~ And now the Beautiful French Inspired Kitchen~

  She added the corbels like in my kitchen in the doorway.

I hope you enjoyed seeing Kelly's updated kitchen as much as we had fun decorating it.

Thanks for stopping by!
*Stay tuned for how the backsplash was updated.

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