How to Hang a Coat Rack on a Irregular or Thin Hollow Core Door

The coat rack has pretty Fleurs and is made from heavy metal. I love the (6) big hooks on it. It's built to support a lot of weight, but the door I wanted to mount it on was not flat and also was hollow core.  The screws didn't have enough material to screw into and hold any weight.  So my solution was to add a wood bar to the door. I painted it the same color as the door to bend in. 

Now I have a great place to hang a jacket and garden supplies.  

How I did it: 
Step 1

Measure the size you need and go to Lowes. Find a piece of hardwood that is the right thickness.  I cut my wood the width of the inside panel of my door. Because my door has molding, I cut the ends on a angle to match.

Step 2

Find where the door has strips of wood inside the core. Press or knock on the door to locate. This is the stronger part of the door. Drill two holes where you will place the wood and screws in the door.

Step 3

Now from the other side of the door use your screw driver and two screws and screw them to the back of the door. This will give your coat rack extra support for heavy items. 

Step 4

Now that the wood bar is in place, I mounted the rack to it with (4) screws. I thought that was enough to hold and support my coat rack. Just to check, I put some weight to test it and the rack was rock solid.  

Not only is the coat rack strong, it's pretty and now ready for garden items and jackets.

Of course my jacket has leopard print. 
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