How to Update an Old Mirror Frame with Homemade Chalk Paint

One of the goals I have this year is to update my foyer so
I decided to start with the mirror.

The old finish on my mirror frame was an antique gold,
 definitely time for something new. 

First I took the mirror down and removed the glass part. Next, 
I made some homemade chalk paint and painted the mirror frame
 with different shades of cream and white.

Here's how to make your own inexpensive homemade chalk paint:

Mix one half cup Plaster of Paris with half a cup of hot water and 
half a cup of flat latex paint. 
*For thicker consistency, I use one and half cups of paint.

After it dried, I then waxed it with TREWAX clear paste wax.

The next day I took grade 220 sandpaper and sanded off areas that
 I wanted the mirror to look worn.

  The frame then got another coat of wax. 

I then buffed it with a clean dry cloth. Now my mirror frame looks fresh and new.

All I had to do is pop the mirror glass back in and hang it on the wall. 
Except I wanted it to hang on another wall.

So I moved the mirror to the wall facing the staircase.

I think it's a better place for the mirror!

The lamp also received the exact same makeover. 
It was gold like the mirror.

The staircase is on the list for 2013 :) 

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