Burlap on Stretched Art Canvas

Would you like to make an easy burlap picture? All you need is burlap, stretched artist canvas, scissors, pictures from your laser printer, staple gun and glue. 

'If you don't have a staple gun you can use glue.' 

I printed out the pictures that I liked and put a little 'Golden Oil' on them. This step can be omitted. I just like how the paper cuts after the oil dries. Take your time cutting out your designs.

If you need to iron the burlap do so now.

Here I'm just checking for fit.

Off to the basement to staple the burlap to the canvas frame.

The burlap is now stapled on and just about ready to start gluing on the designs.....
Now is a good time to cut the burlap to clean up the edges along the frame.

The white printer paper was to white. I just fixed it by painting on cold coffee you could also use tea. I let it soak in and then blotted with a paper towel.  Make sure the designs are dry before moving onto the next step.

The next thing I did was add STOP fraying to the backs of the designs. I did this due to when the STOP fraying dries it becomes tacky. This makes it easier for the design placement. (Not at all Necessary.)

This is my test run to see how I like the design placement.

I used Sobo glue. You can use any glue you have on hand.

Here is the finished burlap leaning on my corbel.


This is a gift for my friend Kelly. She is going to love it!
Kelly is hooked on all things french just like my friends RJ and Mary.

 I finished off the back of the canvas with brown paper,
copper-wire from a lamp cord and eye hooks.

Very easy to hang.

If you love my projects I would LOVE your pins;)

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